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"With over 100 games worldwide, the amount of campaigns we're managing daily across various acquisition channels is tremendous. While it's key for us to identify very quickly where and how to acquire users that generate revenues, manually keeping track of granular performance and acting in real-time is impossible, even with an army of UA managers.


BidShake helped us build the dashboard we needed to monitor our critical KPIs, automate our UA process, and scale profitability while cutting costs. With Bidshake, we could take up the challenge of supporting our massive growth while maintaining the same level of efficiency."

—  Thibault Leduc, Voodoo Games

Voodoo Games is one of the world’s leading developers of free-to-play and hyper casual games for Android and iOS. Voodoo’s games are collectively downloaded over 1.5 billion times a year, and comprise a third of the leading app stores’ top 10 games.

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