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Campaign Management

with Super Powers

Unified Campaign Management

Take full control over your entire UA operation, across all of your paid channels from a single campaign management dashboard. Make changes like activating, pausing, changing bids and budgets.


Data Centralization

Unlock valuable insights and data-driven decision-making. Build a personalized dashboard to visualize marketing data from all of your internal and external sources, according to your specific needs.

Real-Time Server Updates

Eliminate optimization lags caused by manual processes that result in budget leakage. Optimize campaigns in real-time, across all channels so that performance is boosted instantly, with no human intervention.


Customized Automation Rules

Build bespoke optimization algorithms that automatically mimic manual UA actions. Prioritize ROAS goals and other KPIs to ensure that your ad spend is fully aligned with your growth strategy.

Input & Output APIs

Data metrics collected and calculated by Bidshake can be piped into your internal BI tools to empower predictive modeling. The optimization decisions pulled into Bidshake to apply the changes across every ad channel, campaign, and sub-source, automatically.


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