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3 Months #WFH - Here's What Happened

Before diving into this, let me start by saying that Bidshake is a startup and by nature can be more flexible and agile than corporates employing thousands of people. We've had some experience working with remote teams and independent professionals in the past. And meeting with colleagues and partners over Zoom was not new to us.

Yet, waking up to a new reality that forced everyone to stay at home was a first. We had to adjust the way we work, communicate, collaborate, and monitor our business.

Water fountain chats were no longer a viable way to catch up and share knowledge, sitting side by side was no longer a way to connect, and walking to each other's desks was no longer a way to get answers to our questions.

We had to come up with a system that allowed us to stay efficient while working remotely, communicate with each other, and reach our business goals. We also had to keep in mind that we're all human, and the core values we pride ourselves on, like solidarity, transparency, and fairness, proved to be more than just slogans.

On the practical side, here's what we started doing differently:

Have More Meetings

There is a misconception that numerous meetings are a waste of time and only interrupt the actual work. I used to believe in it myself. But three months of working from home with a number of team meetings each day proved me wrong. Meetings can be a waste of time when they are not productive. When they are well planned, focused, and time-limited, meetings are a great tool to make things happen. While working from home with all kinds of constraints, our meetings had to be pre-scheduled, short, and to have a clear agenda. There's no such thing as being late, coming unprepared, or get distracted during a meeting. This mindset made us more productive than ever before.

Set Objectives and KPIs

Losing visibility on what your team is up to at any given time can be difficult for managers. This is one reason why many organizations don't permit remote work or flexible working hours. While measuring the time one spent at his desk is a common practice, setting clear goals and measuring the outcome is a much better way to evaluate employees’ work. Working from home under strict quarantine guidelines made us shift from relying on physical presence at the office to establishing goals and measuring progress and outcomes.

Join Efforts

Friendship is most valued at the worst of times. And so is teamwork. Realizing that under these unique circumstances, we might need some extra help from our colleagues, and being able to ask for help when we needed it, made us trust and rely on each other more than ever.

Must a colleague take care of their kid during a client meeting? No problem! You'll cover it.

Not able to complete the presentation you've been working on in time? That's OK. There's a teammate that will help you out.

This took a lot of stress off and allowed us to do more—together.

Looking back at the time we were forced to work from home and everything we learned from that experience, what strikes me most is how much we've really been able to achieve in just three months.

Grew Our Business 130% 📈

In the past few months, Bidshake made huge strides in bringing on new clients, including some of the biggest names in Hyper Casual:

  • Crazy Labs

  • Kwalee

  • Tastypill

  • and more…

We are grateful and proud that all these superstars put their trust in our product. And we're thrilled to support more app and game publishers in their transformation from manual campaign management to full UA automation. Viva la revolución!

Working in mobile marketing for years, our founding team has set its goal to simplify campaign management for teams of all sizes, by executing their optimization decisions based on complex LTV prediction models or by building automation rules from scratch. Being able to assist so many companies so quickly is an incredible milestone in the Bidshake journey.

Partnered With Industry Leaders

Over countess Zoom meetings, we've been working with Mobile Advertising industry leaders to streamline campaign management across all advertising channels and ensure our automation solutions fit into our clients' tech stack.

We've partnered with Appsflyer to utilize its brand new Cohort API to easily sync with Bidshake and leverage attribution data to its full advantage.

Teamed up with Mintegral, the fastest-growing mobile ad platform in Asia, and became the first to integrate Mintegral Campaign Manager API and automate micro-bidding on the channel.

Worked closely with the TikTok team to utilize its Marketing API to streamline and automate campaign management on TikTok Ads for the first time.

And we recently got our Snapchat Partner Badge after months of fruitful collaboration with the Snap team.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about Google and Facebook. So stay tuned for even more exciting announcements coming soon!

Advanced Our Product

We've revamped our entire infrastructure, developed new features, advanced the view of aggregated data in our dashboard, and added new capabilities on various ad networks.

One of the most significant improvements was the launch of our Data Export API, enabling Bidshake clients to use the platform as their single source of truth for all app marketing KPIs: bids, budgets, ad spend, revenue, retention, and ROI.

Another mention-worthy product achievement is the ability to drill down into sub-sources, ad sets, and keywords data and apply optimization decisions at such a granular level.

And there's much more to become available soon! A lot of time and effort was dedicated to answering mobile marketers' most pressing needs: creative standardized reporting, creative optimization, and campaign creation across ad channels. All these are currently being worked on and tested, and will soon be officially announced. Stay tuned!

Alright, that's it. I'll stop bragging now.


Social distancing and safety measures during a global pandemic were tough on all of us. But I genuinely believe that we should always aim at making lemonade from the lemons that are thrown at us. I was lucky enough to work for a company that wasn't negatively affected by the worldwide crisis and was agile and smart enough to make the most out of these crazy times. We've learned how to cooperate and stay efficient without being in the same space at all times. We've set personal and business goals for this period and managed to over-accomplish all of them. We supported each other and became better friends and colleagues. And we've taken our startup to greater heights than ever before.

I hope that by sharing our experience and achievements, we can inspire others to do the same.

Stay safe, stay efficient, dream big.



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