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AppsFlyer Partners With Bidshake to Streamline UA Workflows

Appsflyer and Bidshake Integration

Bidshake is proud to partner with AppsFlyer to provide our clients with a seamless user acquisition process.

Last week, AppsFlyer announced the launch of its Campaign Management Integration with the industry's leading platforms.

App publishers working with AppsFlyer can now use its Cohort API to easily sync their data with Bidshake.

“Using AppsFlyer and Bidshake helps us leverage attribution data to its full advantage, apply our predictive models, and execute optimized decisions across campaigns and channels, automatically and in real-time. Switching to an automated process allowed us to save 50% of the time spent on optimization and increase our campaigns’ ROI.”

Nimrod Klinger, UA & Marketing Team Lead, Crazy Labs

More data, faster

The integration with AppsFlyer’s Campaign Management API enables Bidshake to ingest and calculate performance metrics segmented to cohorts and applicable to all data levels- from campaign to site ID. That gives a big boost to our automation mechanisms that can now process bigger and more accurate data sets in real-time.

End-to-end automation

Streamlining additional critical events from the app developer’s database through AppsFlyer into Bidshake gives us the capabilities to optimize our automation solution towards our clients’ predictive LTV models. Such automation simplifies the process of multi-channel UA management, saves time and resources, and allows marketers to focus on growth.

One-click integration

We worked hard so you won't have to. Our collaboration with AppsFlyer allows for quick and easy access to your attribution data. All it takes is to toggle on the access to Bidshake within the AppsFlyer platform. Once enabled, aggregated data will be piped into Bidshake. It's that simple.

“We recently implemented this integration with a number of app and game publishers to help them monitor critical KPIs and automate their UA process. The true value is that our clients can focus on what they do best: create and publish great apps, and let the attribution and automation experts support them by keeping their performance marketing profitable and efficient."

Stephane Pitoun, CEO, Bidshake


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