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It's Official: Bidshake Automates TikTok Ads

We’re thrilled to be featured in the TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program!

Last week, TikTok officially introduced the TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program, connecting its community of advertisers with trusted technology providers who can help them find scaled success on TikTok.

The partners in the program have proven expertise in helping advertisers create, optimize, target, and measure ad campaigns on TikTok.

UA Automation on TikTok

Our collaboration with TikTok empowers a seamless, fully automated campaign management across all advertising channels. Here’s how:


  • Stream data from TikTok Ads, your attribution partner, and BI tools into one centralized dashboard.

  • Visualize TikTok campaign performance at different dimensions and levels of granularity.

  • Benchmark your TikTok KPIs in front of all your other ad channels.


  • Make bulk changes on bids, budgets, and status directly from your Bidshake dashboard.

  • Apply optimization decisions based on your own predictions and algorithms across multiple campaigns and ad groups automatically and in real-time.

TikTok's continually increasing engagement represents a tremendous opportunity for mobile marketers. We're thrilled to make it so much easier for our clients to manage and scale TikTok ads!


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As a featured partner, your organization can contribute to the growth and effectiveness of ad campaigns on TikTok, providing advertisers with the tools and support they need to thrive on the platform. Congratulations on this achievement, and may it lead to continued success in the TikTok advertising space! Also try tiktok promotion:

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