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Introducing Creative Manager™️

The World's First Solution for Cross-Channel

Creative Management and Reporting

We're thrilled to announce BidShake's Creative Manager—the ultimate tool for UA teams to store, upload, assign, review, and optimize creatives across all the major advertising channels.

BidShake's mission has always been focused on simplifying UA and using technological advances to maximize efficiency and boost results for app marketers. The first step in this mission was to successfully address campaign management and bidding automation across all ad channels. Once we succeeded, our next goal was to design and develop the ultimate solution for creative management. We’re really excited to be able to introduce our brand new platform to you today: the world’s first solution for cross-channel creative management and reporting.

Our Creative Manager streamlines the process of uploading new assets to multiple ad networks, building ad units, assigning to campaigns, collecting performance data, and analyzing ad effectiveness.

This brand new tool has been designed to save you and your team precious time while managing your creatives strategy. With the built-in features it offers, the process becomes clearer and easier than ever before, all whilst helping you optimize your campaigns and produce better results.

The mobile industry is changing rapidly, and in a time where collecting and storing data is becoming increasingly challenging, having a solid creative strategy is essential to success! The way that users react to your ads and interact with your product will depend on your strategy, and BidShake's Creative Manager provides you with a complete and seamless solution to handle creative management and maximize ROI. Let's take a look at exactly how it works:

What does this all mean for you and your team?

  • Concentrate efforts: leverage BidShake integration with 15+ ad networks to handle all creative-related tasks across various channels in one convenient place.

  • Increase capacity: simplifying campaign management and reporting will allow your team to conduct more A/B tests, identify best-performing concepts, and reach success more regularly and much faster.

  • Accurate comparison: see your best (and worst) creatives across channels and campaigns, regardless of networks' naming conventions. Quickly detect performance trends and be alert of drops in ad effectiveness to stay on the ball at all times.

"Using Bidshake’s Creative Manager tools has allowed us to save time when testing and refreshing creatives into our campaigns, as we only have to upload creatives to one place and use them on each of our networks quickly!"

— Josh Vinten, UA & Monetisation Manager, Neon Play


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