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Bidshake & Mintegral Collaborate to Automate Micro Bidding

Bidshake X Mintegral

Bidshake is proud to be the first UA Automation platform to integrate Mintegral Campaign Management API.

Mintegral is the fastest-growing mobile ad platform in Asia. It was ranked #6 on Appsflyer's latest Performance Index. It is also one of the biggest ad platforms in China, with over 500 million SDK DAUs. Hyper Casual games have become a big hit in China, and according to Mintegral, in-game advertising is more acceptable in China than in other markets, which represents a tremendous opportunity for publishers that rely mainly on ad revenue for monetization.

Bidshake collaboration with Mintegral started early in 2019 to allow its clients to streamline the entire UA workflow on the platform.

Last month, Mintegral released its Campaign Management API, partnering with Bidshake as the first integrated platform and a beta-tester.

The new API integration allows for a completely seamless campaign management process through the Bidshake dashboard and automation rules.

Here's how:

  • Unlock valuable, actionable insights based on centralized data collected from Mintegral, MMP, and BI tools.

  • Manage Mintegral campaigns alongside all other ad channels from a single dashboard.

  • Maximize ROAS by applying changes on bids, budgets, and status across campaigns, automatically.

But this is not all.

Sub-publisher Level Optimization

Through the new API, sub-source level data and actions became available, unlocking the ability to automate micro bidding.

Mintegral subsource data and actions on Bidshake

This provides UA managers the flexibility to test and optimize performance in real-time:

  • Apply the right bid to each sub-source/geo combination.

  • Maximize the best performing sub-sources by increasing bids without risking profitability.

  • Examine new sub-sources in a cost-effective way.

On average, hyper-casual publishers are passing tens of thousands of sub-source level changes each day. Managing sub-source optimization is highly inefficient and time-consuming if done manually. The automation of the process, in this case, is critical.

Mintegral is a valuable UA source for us, and the fact we can now optimize it automatically from the Bidshake platform is a game-changer. It allows us to expand our activity to new countries, optimize campaigns on site-level granularity, and maximize our effort while ensuring we are meeting our ROAS goals.

Nimrod Klinger, UA & Marketing Team Lead, Crazy Labs

I am excited to see our partnership with Bishake and I am impressed with how much we have managed to achieve together. Mintegral aims to bridge the east and west, driving global growth to partners’ business. And I am confident we can continue to offer our partners best-in-class UA tools.

Erick Fang, CEO, Mintegral


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