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BidShake Official Facebook Marketing Partner

We're thrilled to be badged and recognized as a partner of Facebook and help more advertisers automate campaign management across Facebook and 15+ ad channels!

Facebook Marketing Partners offers solutions for advertisers to launch, manage, and measure campaigns across Facebook. All the program partners are vetted for excellence and only companies that meet Facebook standards can earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge.

For over a year, BidShake has helped numerous mobile apps and games publishers manage multi-million budgets on Facebook.

Here's why and how User Acquisition teams use BidsShake:

Gain Clarity

BidShake centralizes all data points— ad channels, MMP, BI— into one platform and offers easy-to-use reporting, analysis, and data visualization tools.

Gain Control

BidShake allows marketers to monitor and manage their UA campaigns across 15+ ad channels from a single dashboard.

Gain Efficiency

BidShake offers simple solutions to automate campaign optimization through API integrations, Bid Streaming, and Automation Rules.

Our teams worked hard to keep up with Facebook's latest technological developments and make sure we provide the most value to our clients. The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is proof of our product's quality, and I'm thrilled to announce our official complience with Facebook's standards.

Stephane Pitoun, Co-Founder & CEO, BidShake


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