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Bidshake Collaborates with TikTok to Automate Campaign Management

Bidshake + TikTok Ads

For those who were quarantined (with no WiFi) long before the coronavirus started spreading, TikTok is a short-form video app known for its entertaining videos, fun viral trends, and meme culture... The app gained notable popularity, especially among Millennials and Gen Zs, since its global launch in 2018. With a global user base in more than 150 markets worldwide and the average time TikTok users spend on the app each day, there are likely new audiences that you can only reach with TikTok Ads.

And many marketers already do. In Appsflyer's latest Performance Index, TikTok was ranked #4 largest media source for Non-Gaming apps and #8 for Gaming apps globally. Since the beginning of 2020, TikTok has seen a significant increase in global daily active users. Moreover, during this period, engagement is continuing to increase on TikTok. This represents an excellent opportunity for mobile game publishers competing for players' attention.

Sounds great, right? Well... if you are promoting multiple apps across various markets, the number of ad groups you'll end up managing on a daily basis can accumulate to hundreds if not thousands. And the challenge gets even bigger when you need to benchmark performance against your other advertising platforms.

Streamline and Automate Campaign Management on TikTok

Bidshake partnered with TikTok to utilize TikTok's Marketing API and create a seamless reporting and campaign management process for mobile marketers. The integration allows marketers to see the upper funnel and post attribution KPIs side by side and also to compare all their channels' performance through a single dashboard. Moreover, it allows marketers to apply optimization decisions across multiple ad groups simultaneously and through an automated process.


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