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Bidshake is a Google App Partner🏅

We are thrilled to be announced as a Google App Partner and help Google advertisers simplify campaign management!

Google Search Ad

The Google Partner badge means that we have passed the requirements to become an official Google API partner and that our technology solutions provide significant value on top of the Google Ads API. In other words, we earned it!

Google Ads lets mobile marketers promote apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover, and millions of apps and sites in the Google network. And it has been an essential part of many marketers' UA strategy.

Since the beginning of the year, Bidshake has helped a number of mobile game and app publishers manage multi-million budgets on Google Ads.

Here’s why UA teams use Bidshake:

Full-Funnel Clarity

Bidshake centralizes all data points—ad channel, attribution partner, BI— into one dashboard, enabling advertisers to gain visibility over the full funnel and to make better optimization decisions.

Cross-Channel Automation

In addition to Google, Bidshake streamlines and automates campaign management across 15+ premium ad networks, creating an efficient and seamless UA process for mobile marketers.

We are delighted to kick off our partnership with the Bidshake team. Their cutting edge technology combined with their gaming expertise will provide strong value to advertisers who need a partner that can help scale their UA activities.

Idan Waysman, App Tech Partners Lead EMEA at Google


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BidShake is a verified Google partner and app that helps with the management work. If you want to know more about the app then must visit the blog here you will find out further details of the BidShake Application.

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