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How CrazyLabs ROAS Soared 43% Higher

CrazyLabs in Numbers

🚀 40+ Game Launches

📲 3 Billion+ Downloads

👥 80 Million+ Monthly Active Users

CrazyLabs is the Top 10 mobile game developer and publisher behind hit games such as Tie Dye, ASMR Slicing, Soap Cutting, AMAZE!, and Sausage

CrazyLabs has an internal Hyper Casual lab combusting with ideas and talent and a publishing arm that collaborates with stellar indie game studios based on a variety of business models.

With over 3 billion downloads, CrazyLabs is a worldwide leader in casual games development, publishing, and innovation.

“Bidshake’s automation solution is a very effective tool. We instantly saw the value for our Hyper Casual games, a genre in which moving beyond manual optimization is a must. Bidshake’s solution for the Hyper Casual UA pipeline enabled us to put more focus on creativity, while enjoying the automated data processes needed in order to climb the charts and reach the #1 spot, again and again.”

Nimrod Klinger, UA & Marketing Team Lead, Crazy Labs

Challenge: Promoting Multiple Games Globally

CrazyLabs releases new titles regularly and owns an impressive portfolio of mobile games marketed to players across the globe. To engage new players, CrazyLabs advertise on a variety of media sources, targeting more than 50 countries with different KPIs and bidding strategies.

At such a scale, the total number of campaigns can quickly become too extensive to maintain and optimize manually. And as a result, smaller markets can get overlooked, impacting the overall campaign performance.

Solution: End-to-End Campaign Automation

In order to be more efficient, CrazyLabs chose Bidshake to automate the process of cross-channel campaign optimization.

CrazyLabs already had advanced data modeling in-house: based on the revenue generated by users, CrazyLabs could predict future LTV and calculate the optimal bid for every single Campaign-Country-Subsource combination.

Through BI Integration, the new bids could be fed into the Bidshake platform and streamed into every ad channel, automatically and in real-time. On top of Bid Streaming, CrazyLabs was able to set Custom Process Rules to prevent any possible malfunctions in their algorithms from going through and impacting live campaigns.

Result: ROAS Rose by More Than 20% on Multiple Apps

Since CrazyLabs began using Bidshake to streamline bid changes on their worldwide campaigns automatically, the numbers showed a significant improvement in ROAS on multiple apps:

And with the peace of mind knowing that their campaigns are automatically optimized on a daily basis, the CrazyLabs team was able to focus on their global strategy and scale their activity in more regions.



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