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How Gameloft increased efficiency on Google campaigns by 75%

Gameloft in Numbers

🚀 190 Games Live

🌟 4.5 Average App Store Rating

👥 +58Million Monthly Active Users

Gameloft has been shaking up the industry since 2000, pushing the boundaries and constantly evolving. Astonishingly, the UA team continues to smash records with over 1.2 million downloads per day - which means they need the right tools to support this scale and make fast optimization decisions. Gameloft is trusted by a wide variety of Entertainment Industry leaders to create amazing games, and with their trust in Bidshake, they’re able to deliver efficient campaigns at scale.

Challenge: Efficiently manage multiple campaign types in a centralised dashboard.

The UA team at Gameloft came to Bidshake with a daily pain-point - how to efficiently manage their newer tROAS campaigns in Google, in addition to their standard CPI campaigns. Prior to Bidshake building this seamless integration, it was harder for the team to evaluate and implement the right adjustments for tROAS campaigns directly in Adwords, due to the fact that they still needed to go to the dashboard of Google just to see the history and manually adjust the percentages; having too many dashboards open all at once can be quite confusing, especially if you only want to focus on one specific task.

Outcome: Increasing daily productivity

The Service

At Bidshake we pride ourselves on building very close partnerships with our clients, so that we can collect and share the best possible insights in an ever-changing environment. In collaboration with Gameloft, we have been able to seamlessly embed key features, such as the one shared in this case study, to drive the overall performance of their teams.



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