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How Luni Scaled Up By Leveraging Campaign Automation

Luni's Background

🧘 Health & Fitness 📜 Founded in 2016

🏠 Headquartered in Bordeaux, France

Luni is a genuine French success story. Starting out as developers of utility-based apps, they have grown to become global players in the productivity, creativity, and wellness sectors. Luni’s diverse portfolio includes popular apps such as Fitness Coach, Meditation Nest, Photo Editor, and Scanner App. Their success is built on a spirit of continuous improvement. That means frequent updates to their apps and to their own user acquisition efforts. Luni’s UA strategy initially focused on App Store Optimisation, but they knew that achieving their ambitious growth goals would require a commitment to campaign automation.

Challenge: Acquire More Users In More Markets

Luni’s Head of Marketing, Romain Delhomme, and Head of UA, Jacquelin de Maillé shared a common goal. They needed to acquire more users in more markets across their app portfolio. Scaling up their success meant scaling up the number of campaigns they ran at any given time. This presented a real logistical challenge. Each campaign required its own CPA goals, messaging, creatives, setup, and monitoring across over 10 different channels. That’s a lot of complexity to manage.

Jacquelin de Maillé explains: “Because we were optimizing our campaigns manually, everything was limited. We couldn’t scale as we wanted to do as it’s really time-consuming to create campaigns, to test them, and to adjust the bids. And, despite having global ambitions we had to narrow our focus to English-speaking countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK.”

Luni needed a way to manage more campaigns and expand into new regions while keeping a lean and efficient team. The desire to retain control over their UA operation led them to pursue an automation strategy.

Solution: Campaign Automation

Having explored the campaign automation market thoroughly, Romain and Jacquelin selected BidShake. BidShake helps their clients save time, gain clarity, and ultimately improve performance. Luni’s decision was made easier, as BidShake integrates with AppsFlyer, who have been their mobile measurement partners for over two years.

Romain Delhomme elaborates: “AppsFlyer’s Cohort API solution is one of our most powerful tools. It helps us to understand how good or bad our user acquisition strategy is. AppsFlyer provides the big picture of what we are really doing and we totally trust the power and quality of the data they provide to BidShake.”

A big part of that partnership involved knowledge sharing. Luni wanted to replicate the manual processes they’d been using at a larger scale within BidShake. They quickly discovered that it’s not always that simple. That’s where the BidShake team came in. They worked closely with the team at Luni to help them define the rules to power their automation and support real-time decision making.

Rules are a critical part of the process and essentially tell BidShake’s platform how to alter campaigns. For example, Luni can automatically pause a campaign with a high CPA that has failed to drive any conversions.

Result: 20% Reduction in Dependence on US Market

Through their partnership with Bidshake and AppsFlyer, Luni has found its path to automation success. They’ve streamlined their marketing workflows saving their team 40 hours of work every month. As a result, they now have much more control over their campaign performance. This has enabled them to grow quickly into other markets without having the need to extend the size of their team. And, because they now have the capabilities to run over 3,000 campaigns in parallel, they can scale up quickly when they see profitable opportunities. By opening up new markets Luni has managed to reduce its dependence on the US market by 20%. Automating more tasks gives the team at Luni more time to focus on what they're really good at - making great apps, designing creative adverts, and acquiring the traffic that they need to grow.

Future: Automating the Creative Process

Luni will continue to explore how to make the most of automation. In the short term that means collaborating with Bidshake to automate their creative process. At the same time, Luni continues to refine and add to its portfolio of apps. They’re developing a suite of wellbeing apps, including a new Yoga Coach app. Romain and Jacquelin will continue to work closely with AppsFlyer and BidShake to support their continued growth and leverage the power of data-driven automation.


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