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How Neon Play Revives Campaigns & Reduces CPI with Fresh Creatives

About Neon Play

🏆 Award-Winning Mobile Game Developer

📆 Founded in 2010

📍 Based in Cirencester, UK

📲 Apple's 10,000,000,000th downloaded App

Challenge: Testing & Implementing Creatives in Ongoing Campaigns

Neon Play has a strong creative team that is always brimming with new ideas and new concepts to test. However, all the labor involved in testing and uploading creatives to each different ad channel meant that they were previously only able to roll out one creative per network each week. Their challenge was therefore to accelerate creative testing and implement more best-performing concepts into ongoing campaigns.

 “We conduct regular brainstorming sessions as a team to come up with new creative concepts,  and we’re always looking for new best performing creatives by AB testing specific elements of each ad: the headline, music, colors, start-mid-end, and so on. There’s so much to be done and we wanted to be able to move much faster to meet this demand and boost results”.  - Antony Willis, Growth Manager at Neon Play

Solution 1: Creative Management Made Easy

Neon Play has been working with BidShake’s UA Automation and Campaign Management Platform for over a year, and the team was super excited to have exclusive access to our Creative Manager tool before its official release. Making it easier than ever to test and upload new creative assets to multiple ad networks, as well as collecting performance data and analyzing ad effectiveness, the tool is designed to help teams like Neon Play take their creative strategy to the next level.

Find out more about BidShake’s Creative Manager here

Thanks to the Creative Manager, the team is now able to upload 3-10 new creative concepts per week, which amounts to between 100 and 200 ads each week! This means that they’re able to test more and more concepts, unearthing top-performing ads that would have stayed in the shadows otherwise.

“Using BidShake’s Creative Manager tools has allowed us to save time when testing and refreshing creatives into our campaigns, as we only have to upload creatives to one place and use them on each of our networks quickly! Being able to add more and more new creatives every week is a breath of fresh air for our teams and we’re able to generate better results than ever before.”  - Josh Vinten, Lead Growth Manager at Neon Play

Solution 2: Intelligent Creative Optimization to Boost Conversion

The cherry on the cake? BidShake integrates with Singular, Neon Play's mobile measurement partner. This means that powering real-time, data-driven insights is easier than ever. Singular collects Neon Play’s creative reporting data across different ad networks and combines it with attribution data to unlock performance insights such as ROI. BidShake then integrates with Singular’s API to generate accurate, granular, and timely performance insights that feed into BidShake’s optimization engine. With this feedback loop in place, we’re able to pull exactly the right data at exactly the right time, allowing Neon Play to base their creative ideation and testing phases on more reliable data.

Conclusion: Every Ad That Generates Scale Was Uploaded From BidShake

Since using our Creative Manager, Neon Play reports that right now, all ads generating and driving scale were uploaded from BidShake. They were able to roll out more best-performing creatives, analyze and optimize them, which helped reduce the CPI and stabilize it, meaning that they could continue scaling at a strong pace, rather than slowing down if the CPI increased.

graph: eCPI per week
App: Scrapyard Tycoon

Neon Play was able to revive campaigns several months after launch, with the number of weekly installs increasing by 42%. This shows the power of great creatives in terms of boosting installs and engaging users over an extended period of time!

Installs per week graph
App: Scrapyard Tycoon

So what’s next for Neon Play? First things first, they’ll be expanding their use of the Creative Manager to more channels such as Google and Facebook, as well as gradually expanding to other networks. Games-wise, they’ve just launched a brand new game called Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, which they’ve moved to scale quicker than ever before. Check it out!

👉 To find out more about Neon Play, click here.

👉 To find out more about our Creative Manager™️, click here.

👉 To find out more about Singular's Creative Reporting capabilities, click here.


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