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How Tastypill's Profit Margin Grew by 20%

Tastypill Collaborates with Bidshake

Tastypill in Numbers

🎮 6 #1 Games

📲 500 Million+ Downloads

👥 50 Million+ Monthly Active Users

Tastypill is a hyper-casual game developer and publisher that works closely with game studios around the world to produce hit games and scale them to the top of the charts.

Tastypill’s games like Sling Drift, Bottle Flip 3D, Line Color, and Pick Me Up are being downloaded hundreds of millions of times and often hit #1 in multiple countries soon after the release.

Challenge: Scale Efficiently in a Hyper Competitive Landscape

Tastypill’s lean team, consisting of less than 12 employees, is known for its strong game releases and a steady stream of ad revenue. To achieve that, the Tastypill team works hard to drive millions of engaged users, monetize them at a high level, and generate profits.

Given the competitive nature of the gaming industry, the number of emerging hyper-casual studios, and the many new titles released each month, Tastypill needed to up their UA game to stand out from their competition.

Solution: Moving from Manual Tasks to Full UA Automation

Tastypill collaborated with Bidshake to create a set of Automation Rules to streamline campaign optimization across 10+ advertising channels.

The Automation Engine is analyzing hundreds of thousands of data sets—collected from the ad channels and Tastypill’s attribution partner, Tenjin—to determine the correct bid for each app/platform/campaign/country/sub-source combination, based on predefined KPIs, LTV, and ROAS goals.

Each week, tens of thousands of changes are automatically passed to the ad networks, with no human intervention in the process.

Rule-based Automation Framework

Results: +20% Increase in Profit Margin Across the Board

Within the first 3 months, Tastypill improved profit margin by 20% across the board on their flagship titles, while consistently maximizing ad spend.

Tastypill was also able to eliminate 75% of manual tasks, which allowed the team to operate more efficiently, react to market changes faster, and focus on new initiatives.

“BidShake has allowed us to effectively automate our bidding strategies across our entire portfolio. This has enabled our team to move quickly, operate more efficiently and shift focus to new initiatives.”

Phillip Kung, CEO & Co-Founder, Tastypill


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