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How Voodoo Quickly Scales Hit Games

Voodoo in Numbers

🚀 200+ Game Launches

📲 2 Billion+ Downloads

👥 300 Million+ Monthly Active Users

Voodoo is the leader in the mobile gaming market with hit games reaching the top of the charts such as Helix Jump, Snake VS Block,, and many more.

Voodoo is working with game studios of all sizes and from all around the world to ideate, prototype, test, and improve games. Once a game hits KPIs - it is time for the UA team to show it to the world.

Challenge: Monitor Campaign Performance and Take Real-Time Actions at Scale

Voodoo’s moto to stay #1 is Publish, Optimize, Repeat. In practice, that means having to collect data from scattered sources, analyze the ROI at a granular level, come up with optimization decisions, and apply the changes on every campaign and subset in every channel. Doing so manually on a daily basis is inefficient, to say the least.

Voodoo's team is managing paid user acquisition campaigns for over 200 mobile games (and counting) across 15+ advertising channels. This eventually comes down to handling thousands of campaigns across different dashboards. Managing an ever-growing portfolio of games while maintaining a lean and efficient UA team is key to support Voodoo’s massive growth.

Solution: Automatic Optimization Across Every Channel, From a Single Platform

Voodoo reached out to Bidshake to assist in building an automated process that will allow them to execute their advanced predictive models and optimize campaigns across all advertising channels. After gaining an in-depth understanding of Voodoo’s exact needs, the following mechanism was built:

Then, iterate.

Result: Maximum Efficiency Boosting Massive Growth


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