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How TapNation Leverages BidShake Import & Export API to Build and Apply Predictive Models

TapNation in Numbers

📲 400M+ Downloads

👯 45M+ Monthly Active Users

🏆 13 Hit Games

TapNation is a passionate, hard-working, and fun team. They work hand-in-hand with mobile game developers to create, publish, and scale hits — casual and hyper-casual games that reach top charts over and over again.

And if there’s something this team can’t stress enough, it’s the importance of analytics and making data-driven decisions.

Challenge: Efficiently Scaling an Increasing Number of Games

TapNation’s growth is directly impacted by the growth of its games portfolio. Therefore, the UA team is responsible for scaling an increasing number of game titles across multiple platforms and countries.

Applying this ultra analytical approach to UA requires collecting data from multiple data points, analyzing the ROAS and ARPU metrics at a granular level, recalculating bids, and applying necessary changes on every campaign, country, and sub-source in each advertising channel. A manual, time-consuming process that is hard to maintain on a daily, or even weekly, basis.

Solution: Automating the Entire Workflow with BidShake’s Import & Export API

After reviewing the automation solutions on the market, TapNation decided to partner with BidShake thanks to the numerous supported networks and well-suited features for the team’s needs.

TapNation utilized BidShake’s Import & Export API to adjust bids and budgets on the most granular level, passing thousands of automated changes each month. The new process allowed the team to build predictive models on top of clear, centralized performance metrics and adjust campaigns towards ROAS targets.

Results: 20% Uplift in Performance With No Human Intervention

TapNation has successfully automated campaign management across 7 apps and 10 ad channels. The team reports a 20% uplift in performance with minimum-to-no human intervention. In addition, TapNation’s UA managers are now able to save up to 5 hours a day on manual tasks, which frees their hands to concentrate on other essential tasks, such as introducing new advertising channels to the UA mix and focus on creative ideation, testing, and iteration.

Looking Forward: Automating Creative Management

Next on TapNation’s automation journey is applying automation rules to their creative optimization with BidShake’s new Creative Automation feature. So stay tuned to learn more about the results!


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