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Why We Decided to Partner with Voodoo

Last week, we announced that Voodoo acquired BidShake to build the next-gen self-serve marketing automation platform. Whether you’re a customer, partner, or prospect, we want to shed more light on the reasoning behind the acquisition and share our excitement about the future with you!

We officially launched BidShake in January 2020 with the mission to help mobile developers scale their games and apps quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Since then, we've been working vigorously and managed to build a reliable, substantial platform, onboard some of the world's leading game companies, and establish strong partnerships with the top ad networks and mobile attribution platforms.

So after building these foundations, it’s now time for phase two: develop, expand, scale, and execute our roadmap to support the industry as best we can. And as we’re aiming high, we decided that the best way to grow was to partner with a key player and a mobile game publishing leader. Long story short, we found the ideal partner in Voodoo.

Our relationship with Voodoo has been present since the very beginning of BidShake. Voodoo was our first official client and design partner. The Voodoo team has always believed in our vision and ability to deliver and helped us shape the BidShake Marketing Automation Platform into what it is today.

But most importantly, working closely with Voodoo's talented team of innovators, we realized that we see eye to eye and share similar ambitions to drive the industry forward.

As the global leader of hyper-casual publishing, game maker, and mobile growth expert, Voodoo believes that competition inspires creativity and innovation. Together, our mission is to enable mobile developers to bring new ideas to the table and scale their app business with our marketing automation platform as their growth engine.

The aim of this partnership is really to take BidShake to the next level. We’ll remain an entirely independent company and will continue to operate as such within the Voodoo ecosystem. BidShake will continue to deliver top-notch tech solutions, expand our product offering, and provide developers with the next-gen self-service growth automation platform. The added support from Voodoo will, practically speaking, allow us to speed up the execution of our roadmap.

So, what does this all mean for you? Everything stays the same except that you will see kick-ass features being added to the platform much quicker... Creative management, campaign creation, monetization automation are the next items on our roadmap. Watch this space!

Stephane Pitoun

Co-Founder & CEO



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