Campaign Management

with Super Powers

Unified UA Dashboard

Take control of your entire UA operation across all ad channels from a single platform. See all campaigns’ performance and take quick actions to adjust the status, bid, budget, and targeting.

Fully Customized Automation

Build automated optimization processes based on 'IF, THEN' logic triggered by changes in critical KPIs and Bid Streaming powered by your own BI and predictive models.

Cross Channel Creative Management

Streamline the process of uploading new assets to multiple ad networks, building ad units, assigning to campaigns, collecting performance data, and analyzing ad effectiveness with 100% accuracy.

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Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Simplify UA reporting and analysis across apps, ad channels, countries, and site IDs performance metrics. Get easy access to data collected from MMP, ad channels, and BI to run cross-dimensional analysis to quickly identify trends and make educated optimization decisions.


Data & Campaign Management API Integrations