Campaign Management

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Take the headache out of user acquisition with Bidshake’s unified campaign management platform. 

Automate Optimization

Instantly optimize campaigns across social, search and premium ad networks by implementing customized automation rules based on your own business logic.  Real-time programmatic server-to-server updates ensure that optimizations kick-in instantly, on every channel that you’re advertising on and with no human intervention. With Bidshake, budget leakage caused by error-prone manual monitoring and costly optimization lags become a thing of the past.

Unlock Valuable Insights

Quickly analyze performance and identify trends based on centralized data from all of your internal and external data sources. Input/output APIs enable you to pull data into BidShake from all of your preferred channels, attribution platforms, BI tools and 3rd party data providers. Push campaign data from BidShake back into your BI to analyze and apply your optimization algorithms. High level visualization on your own customized dashboard offers unparalleled visibility into performance. 

Take Control of Costs

Increase capacity without adding to your headcount. With BidShake, it’s easy for your existing resources to manage more campaigns, with better results. Our innovative SaaS pricing model enables you to pay a preset monthly fee to manage all your campaigns, across every channel. Pricing is based on usage, not budget size, so that you can scale without breaking the bank.