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Women in Hyper Casual Roundtable

According to game industry reports, most mobile game players are 'Time Fillers' - a segment contains 61% of females, making women the primary audience for hyper-casual games.


To get to the bottom of how to engage women players, we gathered experts from the leading Hyper Casual companies: CrazyLabs, Ovivo Games, and Supersonic for an open discussion about game development, user acquisition, and monetization tactics.

What we covered:

  • The most popular games and genres

  • The differences in player motivations

  • Gender-oriented game design & mechanism

  • Shifting games’ audience

  • Differences in KPIs

  • Adapting the UA strategy

  • iOS 14 impacts

  • And more

Women in Hyper Casual, Episode 3: The Future of Mobile Games Marketing​

In the rapidly growing mobile games market, the UA and Monetization teams must keep up with the trends, quickly adjust to industry changes, test absolutely everything, and aim to never miss an opportunity. 

To help, we hosted the third roundtable in our Women in Hyper Casual series. This time in Paris with the bright and talented Fiona Lauredi (Lead User Acquisition Manager, Gameloft), Maryse Maître (UA and Monetisation Manager, TapNation), Hazel Puza (User Acquisition Manager, Voodoo), and Rym Zerroug (Head of Gaming France and Southern Europe, Snapchat). 

What we covered:

  • iOS 14.5 readiness vs. reality 

  • iOS (and Android) campaigns' results 6 months in

  • All focus on Ad Creative: rebuilding teams and workflows

  • Everything that can and cannot be automated

  • Creative optimization and UA automation across networks

  • What's next for gaming? Our experts place their bets

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