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📢 New Creative Manager™️ Features

A few months ago, we introduced BidShake's Creative Manager—the ultimate tool for UA teams to store, upload, assign, review, and optimize creatives across all the major advertising channels.

Today we're excited to announce the new functions available in our Creative Manager™️ suite, specifically designed and developed to meet the requirements of the Top mobile apps and games publishers.

After conquering bidding automation, it's now time to...

Automate creative management across apps, campaigns, and ad networks.

Activate and pause Creative Sets based on predefined performance metrics with BidShake's Automation Rules. Set your KPI targets and exceptions and let Rules run for you.

Creative Automation not only saves your team valuable time and effort but also ensures that no campaign's creative is left overlooked. Whether it's your next top performer or one that's showing a declining trend, creative automation rules have got your back.

But some optimization decisions still require a human touch...

See the whole picture and gain maximum control with Creative Dashboard.

Similar to the OG Campaign Dashboard, the new Creative Dashboard allows UA teams to quickly filter through all their creatives by assigned apps, campaigns, and channels as well as sort them by aggregated performance metrics.

Creative Dashboard is a great way to point out positive and negative trends in how creatives perform across the board and take immediate actions in just a couple of clicks.



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