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Bidshake & JetFuel Partner to Automate Direct Response Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps

We're thrilled to be the first UA automation platform to support JetFuel - #1 fastest growing ad network in North America!

JetFuel is a self-serve performance network, where influencers can pick the campaigns they want to run and get paid for the installs they deliver. For marketers, it is a convenient way to instantly promote their apps on thousands of social media accounts on a CPI basis.

JetFuel platform replaces the otherwise challenging process of finding the right influencers and planning, executing, and measuring campaigns.

“I've been very impressed with the BidShake team and the offering they are putting together to help automate the User Acquisition process. We're happy to be working together and launch the first UA automation solution for Influencer marketing!”

JJ Maxwell, Co-Founder, Jetfuel

Bidshake's integration with JetFuel makes influencer marketing even more scalable and efficient for mobile apps and games.

JetFuel network dynamics require specific strategies when it comes to bidding effectively on the platform to make campaigns as successful as possible.

Using Bidshake to manage influencers’ campaigns on JetFuel allows marketers to:

  • Unlock actionable insights from scattered data points: JetFuel, attribution, and BI.

  • Visualize JetFuel campaigns' performance alongside 15+ ad channels in a single dashboard.

  • Maximize audience reach by offering optimized CPI that translates to a competitive CPM for the influencers.

  • Meet ROI and ROAS goals by monitoring campaigns' performance at the publisher (influencer) level and steer results in the right direction throughout the campaign.

But don't take our word for it. Instead, trust what our clients have to say.

"Using BidShake to automate our UA process helped us stay efficient and scale profitability. Adding JetFuel to the platform makes our lives even easier as we can now apply our predictive models to optimize influencers' campaigns at a much more granular level, saving time previously spent on manual optimization on JetFuel."

Mathieu Canourgues, User Acquisition & Monetization Team Lead, Voodoo

"As the JetFuel network is growing fast with more and more influencers joining, it has become harder to monitor the performance of each of them and adjust the bid accordingly. This is why the JetFuel integration with BidShake is amazing news! It will allow us to increase our spending while keeping the same level of quality."

Romain Delhomme, CMO, Luni

To celebrate our collaboration, Bidshake and JetFuel offer exclusive terms to new clients willing to manage campaigns on JetFuel through the Bidshake platform. Contact us to get started at a discounted price!


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