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Introducing PIVOT: Simplified Analysis for User Acquisition

As the mobile industry evolves, the process behind UA reporting is becoming increasingly complex - from merging scattered sources of data to building reports that really matter.

BidShake's Pivot was built to simplify UA reporting and analysis across apps, ad channels, countries, and site IDs performance metrics. It provides UA teams with the quickest, most efficient way to identify trends and make educated optimization decisions.

Pivot enables easy access to data from MMP, ad channels, and BI tools. And allows marketers to run cross-dimensional analysis right from the BidShake dashboard.

Pivot is a beneficial and easy-to-use addition to the BidShake platform and can be used in numerous ways with two main focus areas:

Quick Insight Generator

Run a quick check to find the answer to a specific marketing question and keep up with the latest trends of your campaigns.

  • Compare campaign performance across channels and countries.

  • Verify KPIs with customized measures (sum, count, min, max, and rate).

  • Drill down the customized dimensions and filters to understand the root of positive and negative trends of live campaigns.

  • See the full picture at a glance with visualization tools and share the most valuable insights with others.

Deep Performance Analysis

Analyze every aspect of your UA strategy with robust and flexible reporting.

  • Evaluating performance of campaign groups, geographic tiers, and creative sets to establish a clear data-driven strategy based on the findings.

  • Developing performance benchmarks to be used across the board.

  • Identify your own best practices over a period of time to replicate your success in the future.

In addition to Pivot, we're working on new tools and product features that will make UA simpler and more efficient... Stay tuned!


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