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Manage Facebook AAA Campaigns Through BidShake

We're thrilled to be one of the first UA Automation platforms to support Facebook Automated App Ads!

Facebook AAA is driven by machine learning and strives to achieve the highest performance from your app install campaigns. You can use Automated App Ads to deliver multiple creative combinations to the most relevant audiences in the most effective placements.

The integration with the newly-released AAA API allows for a more efficient and seamless campaign management process through the Bidshake dashboard, graphical analysis, and automation rules.

Supporting Facebook AAA is a small step in our everlasting journey towards making UA so much simpler. With Bidshake automation tools, user acquisition teams can:

  • Unlock valuable, actionable insights based on centralized data collected from ad channels, attribution partners, and BI tools.

  • Manage Facebook AAA campaigns alongside all campaigns across every advertising channel from a single dashboard.

  • React quickly to trends to maximize ROAS by applying changes automatically and in real-time.



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